Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 3:


June 19, 2009
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V10.01 for Bricscad:

Starting this week, we are introducing a 'Tip of the week' section in this newsletter in which we will describe an often-asked CAD task that you can accomplish easily using your copy of Bricscad and/or GeoTools. Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome to us to help improve the quality of these products and newsletter.

Tip of the week:

This week, we will discuss two new productivity enhancing commands that have been added in GeoTools 10.01. These two commands are a result of feedback and requests from our test users and clients.

1. GT_CONNECTBLOCKS : (GeoTools -> Block Tools - Connect blocks based on attribute values): The GT_CONNECTBLOCKS command connects blocks based on attribute values. You can specify one or more block names, an attribute tag and a connect criteria. All blocks meeting the specified criteria will be joined by a single polyline.

The 'Connect criteria' is specified as an individual value or a range of values separated by commas.

Example: 1-50,60,90-End

The above syntax would connect points from 1 to 50, then 60, followed by 90 to the highest point number in the drawing.

Two special values permitted in the syntax are 'Start' and 'End' which would use the lowest and highest point numbers respectively in the drawing.

2. GT_DRAWSEGBLOCKS: (GeoTools -> Block Tools - Place block along each segment of the polyline): The GT_DRAWSEGBLOCKS command can be used to place a stretched block along the segments of a line or polyline. The specified block is stretched such that its X scale factor is equal to the length of each segment. When used imaginatively, this command can be useful tool to create custom, aligned patterns along lines and polylines to handle various drafting situations.

One of the places where this command can be used is in conjunction with another GeoTools command GT_EMBHATCH (GeoTools -> Draw -> Draw embankment hatch patterns). The GT_EMBHATCH command creates slope patterns as lines, and the GT_DRAWSEGBLOCKS can replace them with custom patterns.

Other improvements:

In this update, a number of minor bug fixes and improvements have been made, significantly in the command line operations and keywords translation support in the Spanish version of the software. Keywords translation support for the German version will soon follow in a mminor update soon.

GeoTools helps super-charge your Bricscad productivity by bringing in over 250+ tools for polylines, blocks, text, attributes, conversion, drawing management, civil and geo-data, inquiry and layer processing.

GeoTools V 10.01 direct downloads:

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Prices summary:

- Bricscad Classic + GeoTools bundle: Rs. 23000/= only
- Bricscad Pro + GeoTools bundle: Rs. 28000/= only
- GeoTools V10 single license: Rs. 6000/= only

- GeoTools V10 single user license: EUR 149

Attractive multiple license discounts.

Thank you for your continued support.

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