Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 7:


B R I C S C A D - G E O T O O L S N E W S L E T T E R # 7

July 18, 2009
Bangalore, India

We have added a new command in GeoTools 10.03A today and this one will help you make an easier transition for users of AutoCAD Map data in Bricscad:

GeoTools -> Miscelleanous Tools -> WBLOCK for Bricscad

Some history: Many of our Bricscad users work with AutoCAD/Map-created DWG data as well, either from their workplace or received from clients or associates. The seamless inter-exchange of DWG data is one of the key strengths of Bricscad. However, when you bring in an AutoCAD Map drawing, there can be a big problem....and a solution as well. Read on..

When you open AutoCAD Map drawings in Bricscad and save them using the Save command, there is no problem with the integrity of the resulting DWG file. It can be opened in AutoCAD Map with all the Map-related features like object data intact.

But, if you WBLOCK (Save Block) a part of or the entire drawing from Bricscad, the object data gets destroyed in the resulting drawing and will not show up when you open the drawing in AutoCAD Map. This is a big disaster. You lose your entire object data and are left with just the entities. This probably is due to the ODA libraries used for read/ write of DWG files and is perhaps not stricly an issue with Bricscad per-se. There may be a more elegant and native fix for this in the future from Bricsys/ODA but, in the meantime, we have created a workaround for this in GeoTools by providing a command called GT_WBLOCKBC (WBLOCK for Bricscad).

This small tool overcomes the limitation by doing a little bit of jugglery of drawing entities in such a way that eventually, the SAVE command is used internnaly and not WBLOCK. The result is that you can still keep your object data intact through a round trip from Map to Bricscad and back, even after using WBLOCK command in Bricscad.

This is an important point to note for those of you who would be using AutoCAD Map data in Bricscad. Before you could potentailly lose your object data, make sure you read this and use our workaround.

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