Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 22:


B R I C S C A D - G E O T O O L S N E W S L E T T E R # 22

December 5, 2009
Bangalore, India

GeoTools 10.12 released:

New Commands added:

1. GT_TRAVADJ : (Civil Tools -> Perform traverse error adjustment) : The GT_TRAVADJ command implements the Bowditch's method of traverse adjustment for both open and closed traverse polylines. The Bowditch's method is based on distributing the linear mis-closure (closing error) across each vertex proportionally as a ratio bewteen the distance from the start to the total traverse distance.

2. GT_TORIENT : (Text Tools -> TORIENT, Make text, mtext readable): The GT_TORIENT command is written specially for Bricscad users to make a multiple selection of text, mtext and block attributes upright (readable). It will flip over (rotate by 180 degrees) any text that is rotated between 90 and 180 degrees, thus making such text readable to the eye.


1. GT_SEGLABEL : (Annotation Tools -> Annotate Segment Labels) : A new option has been added to perform Slope annotation. It is called 'Per Mille', which translates into 'Per 1000'. It is often used in hydraulics to denote the slopes of canal beds and similar structures. Additionally, you can now specify an exxageration factor to use when you are annotation polylines which are in Elevation View. So, if your 'Elevation View' polyline is already exxagerated 10 times in Z, you should apply a reversal exxageration factor of 0.1 while doing GT_SEGLABEL to get the correct slope figures.

2. GT_TABLEEDIT : (Miscelleaneous Tools -> TABLE Edit/Explode) : The GT_TABLEEDIT command code has been strengthened and made more predictable. You can now explode or edit a more wider variety of tables imported from AutoCAD with ease. Rotated TABLES are correctly transformed in Bricscad now.

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Prices summary:

- Bricscad Classic + GeoTools bundle: Rs. 23000/= only
- Bricscad Pro + GeoTools bundle: Rs. 29000/= only
- GeoTools V10 single license: Rs. 6000/= only

- GeoTools V10 single user license: EUR 149

Attractive multiple license discounts.

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Important note: While all of GeoTools commands are tested quite extensively before they are released, it is humanly impossible to test-run it under every different data type or operating environment. In the event that you notice any GeoTools command not functioning as expected, please bring it to our notice as soon as possible. We will attend to it and fix the problem as soon as possible.

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