Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 49:


October 29, 2010
Bangalore, India

GT_IMPEX (GeoTools -> Export -> Import/Export points and lines) command enhanced:

The GT_IMPEX command now provides an additional option under the 'Export Options' dialog box called 'Append object handle to the exported record'. If this option is checked, the last field in the exported record will be the object handle.

New command added : GT_HNDLABEL (GeoTools -> Annotation -> Display object handles as text labels):

To enable you to visually 'see' the object handles, we have provided a new command called GT_HNDLABEL which will create a text label of the object handle next to each selected object. You can label object handles for lines, points, blocks, polylines, arcs and splines. The labels are created in the GeoTools temoprary layer 'GEOTOOLS_TEMP'. These two additions have been made to help users track a record in the exported ASCII files with the corresponding object in the drawing.

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Important note: While all of GeoTools commands are tested quite extensively before they are released, it is humanly impossible to test- run it under every different data type or operating environment. In the event that you notice any GeoTools command not functioning as expected, please bring it to our notice as soon as possible. We will attend to it and fix the problem as soon as possible.

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