Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 66:


February 15, 2011
Bangalore, India

Important Notice: Suspension of CCNow order processing for GeoTools purchases.

We regret to inform that the online credit card processing company, CCNow Inc., whose services we used for the past 11 years, has suspended processing of all orders from merchants based in India until further notice. This is because of banking regulatory issues with the Reserve Bank of India (the central bank of India). The notification from CCNow reads thus:

"The Indian central bank, known as the Reserve bank of India (RBI) is conducting a major audit of all ecommerce and online payment companies (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal) regarding transactions originating within India. The objective of the audit is to make certain that certain regulatory processes, which are unique to India, are being met."

Since our online e-commerce retailer, CCNow is based outside India, they have been asked by RBI to halt processing orders from their clients (like us) headquartered within India. In other words, we cannot accept payment through credit cards temporarily. We deeply regret this inconvenience.

We are making arrangements with another credit card processing company to provide shopping cart services. Stay tuned for more info on this. In the meantime, you can still purchase our products and pay using other channels like PayPal, bank checks and wire transfer as usual.

Thank you for your continued support.
Important note: While all of GeoTools commands are tested quite extensively before they are released, it is humanly impossible to test- run it under every different data type or operating environment. In the event that you notice any GeoTools command not functioning as expected, please bring it to our notice as soon as possible. We will attend to it and fix the problem as soon as possible.

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