Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 72:


April 13, 2011
Bangalore, India

Some significant organizational changes have been made in GeoTools V12:

*** License file naming convention:

Until GeoTools V11, all English language license files for all versions were named simply as 'GeoToolsUser.rgs', whether it was for the AutoCAD platform or Bricscad.

This has changed with V12. The GeoTools license file will now have the format 'GeoToolsUser12_[EN,ES,DE]_[AC,BC].rgs'. '12' indicates the version number. EN/ES/DE specifies the operating language - English, Spanish and German respectively. The AC/BC specifies the operating platform, either AutoCAD/Bricscad.

So, a license file named 'GeoToolsUser12_EN_BC.rgs' means it is a GeoTools V12 license file for the English version running on Bricscad.

This file naming convention will help you and us a great deal in understanding and sorting out support related issues.

*** Default installation folder:

The default installation folder is now specified as {Program Files}/{Coordinate Systems}/GeoTools12_Bricscad_[EN,ES,DE]

** English :
** German :
** Spanish :

Simultaneous release of GeoTools V12 for AutoCAD also. See for more info.

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Thank you for your continued support.

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