Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 92:


July 28, 2011
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 12.10 update:

*** New command added: GT_TXTEVAL : (GeoTools -> Text Tools -> Apply arithmetic/statistical operations on text objects): The GT_TXTEVAL command allows you to select text objects representing numbers and apply a number of arithmetic or statictsical operations on them - like arithmetic/geometric/harmonic mean, median, mode, highest, lowest, summation, standard deviation etc. The result is reported on the screen as well as created as a text object. This command can work on values taken off block attributes as well.

** Enhanced command: GT_BATCHPROCESS (GeoTools -> Miscellaneous Tools -> Batch process multiple drawings with scripts): The GT_BATCHPROCESS command can now do a recursive search starting from the selected folder and all folders below it and will create a BATch file to process all the files in one go. The earlier method of selecting one folder and drawings within the folder is still available.

** Enhanced command : GT_PARTOFFSET (GeoTools -> Polyline Tool Set1 ->Offset part of a polyline) : This command now handles 3d polylines fully and the offsetted segment also is a 3d polyline. Earlier, partial offsets from a 3d polyline would result in a 2d polyline.

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