Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 109:


November 2, 2011
Bangalore, India

GeoTools V 12.18 for Bricscad released today:

This is a significant update of GeoTools because it includes a new, optimized user-interface for Bricscad that will make working with Bricscad more easier than ever.

The new skin for Bricscad has been designed taking in account feedback from CAD users in India. Therefore, we call it an optimized-for-India skin.

Here is a summary.

The new GeoTools/CADPower-enabled skin for Bricscad:
- adds a new 'Format' menu
- enhances the look and feel of the Tools, Draw and Modify menus
- integrates all the FREEWARE commands of GeoTools in the Bricscad pull-down menu user interface
- mimics the way most drafters are used to accessing and using commands
- will evolve and grow with time
- is open to user-feedback and discussion
- is only available in English language Bricscad

You can read the details in my latest blog post:

In addition, V12.18 adds a number of other fixes and enhancements:

** Enhanced command: GT_TXTSLIDE (GeoTools -> Text Tools -> Slide text relative to its rotation angle): A new option called 'Interactive' has been added in this command. With the interactive option, you can pick individial text objects and move them along and in a direction perpendicular to its rotation angle. The existing, old method is now called 'Automatic' and works on multiple text objects and you can slide them by proividing a fixed slide distance and rotation angle.

** Enhanced command: GT_CHCASE (GeoTools -> Text Tools -> Change Case): The GT_CHCASE command now works on text which are contained within the dimensions also.

** Bug Fix: CH_ANNOGRID (GeoTools -> Civil Tools -> Create Map Grid): The GT_ANNOGRID command would produce unexpected snapping of tick marks if there were pre-existing OSNAP modes. This has now been fixed.

** Upcoming command: GT_SLOPEDISPLAY (GeoTools -> Civil Tools-> Display color-coded slopes of TIN triangles): Watch out this space for more info. Look at a preview of the work-in-progress of this command in this version.

Pick up the latest GeoTools V12 for Bricscad from:

** English :
** German :
** Spanish :

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