Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 118:


November 30, 2011
Bangalore, India

:: Ralph Grabowski has updated the "Bricscad for AutoCAD Users" ebook for BricsCAD V12.

This ebook tells you about the differences and similarities between AutoCAD and Bricscad in areas of user interface, commands, customization, programming, objects and properties. It is especially useful for offices considering saving on their IT budgets by adding licenses of Bricscad.

The essential topics covered are:

- Advantages of Bricscad
- What's missing from Bricscad
- Comparison of user interfaces
- Detailed comparison of drawing file compatibility
- Customizing and programming Bricscad
- AutoCAD-Bricscad dictionary
- Four appendices of reference material

Bricsys gives away this ebook as a promotional item, and you can download it for free from (8.6MB PDF file).

But, if you would like to support the author -- then it is available for purchase as well. The list price is $18.55, and the link for ordering through PayPal is here:

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:: A small note about who, why and how you receive Bricscad-GeoTools e- Newsletter email from us.

When we receive an enquiry from users who have downloaded Bricscad from our site, we get back to them via email directly. We believe that you would like to be informed about all that happens in the Bricscad space subsequent to your first download. To ensure that, we add your name to the Bricscad-GeoTools mailing list.

Many of our earlier subscirbers are on the "geotools-bricscad" google newsgroup. This is a moderated newsgroup where you will receive messages from us or from users only after verifying that it is relevant to the subject and purpose of the newsgroup. In recent months, Google changed newsgroup settings and now you can join the newsgroup only via an invitation, email-verification and acceptance procedure. This option and procedure is still available from us but we have observed that most of the download users seldom manage to complete this process successfully and do not end up joining the newsgroup. As a result, they miss the subsequent announcements, updates and other valuable support information that is useful to any serious user. This was clearly evident in the lack of knowledge about Bricscad and GeoTools updates when we talked to trial users as well as existing clients at different times. To overcome this problem, we shifted to the mailing list. This is emailed manually to each one of you.

If you are on google newsgroup, you can un-subscribe at any time by visiting the group. If you are on the mailing list and want to stop receiving these newsletters, just send me an email saying so and I will remove your name. I hope this clarifies the mechanism by which our newsletters are delivered.

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