Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 124:


February 24, 2012
Bangalore, India

We have released an update V 12.22 of both GeoTools and CADPower today. This fixes some installation and operational glitches in the new software.

Read the release notes about this update:

1. Common changes in the new GeoTools:

The GeoTools menu is now called by the name GeoTools_[EN/DE/ES].MNU/ CUI/MNR depending on the operating language. Earlier, the same menu has a '2K6' in its name and looked like this: GeoTools_[EN/DE/ ES]_2K6.MNU/CUI/MNR

The new menu loads automatically but, if you have installed thew newversion over the old one, you might still see the old menu by the name GeoTools_[EN/DE/ES]_2K6.MNU/CUI in your Bricscad. This means that you would see two GeoTools menus, one left behind by the old version and another loaded by the current version. This does not create any problems other than its nuisance value and confusion. You can manually unload the menu using MENUUNLOAD or CUI command. This has been fixed in V 12.22. The install script now deletes the old menus and ensures that you don't have to see more than one GeoTools menu.

2. For those of you who are using a floating network license of GeoTools, there was a problem (due to Bricscad Lisp API bug) in the handling of the reactor-based callback function which ran when Bricscad closes a drawing. This has now been fixed.

3. We have received many support requests concerning the use the GeoTools and CADPower together on one computer. It is indeed possible to have CADPower and GeoTools running side by side in the same Bricscad session. However, there is a small edit and tweak required to the 'on_doc_start.lsp' file in your installation folder.

We have explained all of it in detail in this blog post:

4. We also received a number of requests for a complete command list of GeoTools and CADPower commands. This is still work in progress and we will release a complete manifest of CADPower and GeoTools commands very shortly.

5. We are working on and will release complete screenshots of the GeoTools and CADPpower user-interface on our blog and web-site.

6. As explained earlier, the new GeoTools and CADPower will work on Bricscad V 12.1.15 or later versions only. A check has been introduced in the code to warn users and prevent running of the program if the Bricscad version is prior to V 12.1.15. This condition has been made necessary because Bricsys implemented some specific Lisp API improvements based on our request to handle the GeoTools licensing. These enhancements are available only with the 12.1.15 build or later of Bricscad.


GeoTools and CADPower are released-products but the commands available in each software are subject to small changes. In other words, we have
bunched about 150 commands each in these products based on a preliminary sort and we may shuffle a few of them across the two products in the coming weekes/months, based on user feedback or design change. The number, order and occurence of commands within CADPower and GeoTools may change without prior notice. We expect the contents of the two software to stabilize in a few weeks/months.

Please tell us immediately if something is still not working and we will fix it.

*** Direct download URLs:

GeoTools for Bricscad:

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CADPower for Bricscad:

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GeoTools for AutoCAD:

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CADPower for AutoCAD:

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Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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