Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 132:


May 21, 2012

GeoTools V13 (and CADPower V13) are now shipping:

The thirteenth numbered upgrade of GeoTools since 1999, GeoTools V13 (as well as CADPower V13) is now shipping and available for download on our website.

The V13 upgrade of GeoTools & CADPower is FREE for all purchases of the V12 version made on of after January 1, 2012. This also applies to all GeoTools upgrades from earlier versions of GeoTools made AFTER this date.

GeoTools/CADPower V 13 runs on Bricscad V and later only. The software may not work correctly on earlier builds of Bricscad v12 because of some new floating licensing API functions that have been specifically created for GeoTools/CADPower and available only in

We split GeoTools into CADPower and GeoTools and released the split products with V12.21 during the life-cycle of V12. This process has now been completed fully with the user manuals in English and Spanish fully updated. We have also reduced the feature overlap between the two products and shifted a number of commands from GeoTools to CADPower. They are GT_TC, GT_UNCLUTTER, GT_INSVX, GT_DELVX, GT_PLARCMIRROR, GT_MVEDIT, GT_PARTOFFSET, GT_PARTCOPY, GT_PARTSTRETCH, GT_PARTEXTRACT, GT_PARTRESHAPE, GT_PARTROTATE, GT_NEWSTART, GT_SEGLENSET, GT_MFILLET, GT_FILLETPOLY, GT_FLOW_LT, GT_LENGTH, GT_CALCAREA, GT_BULGE, GT_DXY, GT_ANGLE, GT_CHW, GT_LINPOLY, GT_XP_WPL, GT_PLINE2ARC, GT_PFACE2PL, GT_3DF2PFACE, GT_PL2PFACE, GT_PL23DFACE and GT_FLATTEN. With this transition, GeoTools now is more close to being a pure-Geo product and the whole bunch of above-mentioned commands are now part of CADPower.

We have been extremely busy past few months in splitting and re-oragnizing GeoTools and CADpower and improving the existing documentation and the support infrastructure on the web/blogs/newsletters. Over the new few months, we have plans to add a whole new bunch of tools to take CAD productivity to new levels.

Some of the tools under development or planned for the life-cycle of V13 are:

- A comprehensive multiple file copy systems, on the lines of the old DOS XCOPY (CADPower)
- Round off bearings (GeoTools)
- A more complete, volume computation tool (GeoTools)
- Change object visibility (CADPower)
- Annotate with object handles (CADPower)
- and many more......

There is no change in the standard retail price of GeoTools & CADPower:

The current pricing structure is as follows:


- Single user license: USD 129.0
- 2-User license: USD 209.0
- 4-user license: USD 409.0
- 10-user license: USD 689.0
- 20-user license: USD 1299.0
- Un-limited site license: USD 3299.0


- Single user license upgrade: USD 59.0
- 4-User license upgrade: USD 159.0
- 10-user license upgrade: USD 259.0
- 20-user license upgrade: USD 519.0
- Un-limited site license upgrade: USD 1319.0


- Single user license: USD 109.0
- 2-User license: USD 179.0
- 4-user license: USD 349.0
- 10-user license: USD 589.0
- 20-user license: USD 1099.0
- Un-limited site license: USD 2799.0


- Single user license upgrade: USD 49.0
- 4-User license upgrade: USD 129.0
- 10-user license upgrade: USD 219.0
- 20-user license upgrade: USD 429.0
- Un-limited site license upgrade: USD 1099.0

GeoTools and CADPower now support network licensing over a LAN. This will allow you to purchase a few licenses and have many more users use the software in a non-simultaneous use environment. The network license will be priced 40 % higher than the stand-alone licenses because of the additional value it delivers.

Online purchase page:

The Spanish and German language versions of GeoTools also have been simultaneously updated with this current release.

*** Direct download URLs:

Bricscad V12:

GeoTools for Bricscad:

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CADPower for Bricscad:

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** German:
** Spanish:

Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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