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October 12, 2012

The Bricsys 2012 International Developers, Partners and Reseller conference was held recently in Amsterdam. I was at the conference and covered the events live through my blog as well as through Twitter feeds. You may follow the related blog posts by jumping directly to the conference 2012 section on my blog at this URL:

You can also be informed about Bricscad, GeoTools and CADPower by follwing me on twitter:

I intend to be more active on the twitter channel and use this as a medium to convey late-breaking, frequently changing spot news updates. Next monday, October 15, the English version of BricsCAD V13 will be released. As explained at the Conference in Amsterdam, this V13 release will coincide with a major rebranding of BricsCAD and Bricsys, the company behind. Our new international website will also be launched next monday.

As soon as possible, we'll then open up the new, more user-friendly translation environment in BOA, so localized versions of the new website can be prepared. Many of the local websites obviously will only change to the new look and feel the moment the corresponding language version of BricsCAD V13 is released. To give an example: we'll only introduce the new branding in Japan the moment BricsCAD V13 is released in Japanese.

Besides the website, there is of course a ton of other marketing collateral that we will be updating or producing in the days and weeks to come (things like help file, brochures, newsletters, product video's, ... ). We are working on it and will update you on a regular base. We will also give full assistance to get all material localized.

With the release of BricsCAD V13, new prices will be introduced. Attached, you'll find the new V13 pricing for the English version of BricsCAD (in the different currencies used today in our store). The most important change is the price increase planned for the Platinum version, reflecting the increased functionality in Platinum. At the same time, this price increase is required to respect the agreement (partially based on an earn-out scheme) made with Ledas last year the moment we acquired their full IP Portfolio (for those of you that are not aware: ).

All language versions of BricsCAD V13 will have updated pricing as well. We'll get in touch with those of you involved on an individual base to have this organized by the time your V13 language version is ready for release.

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Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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