Bricscad - GeoTools e-Newsletter # 143:


November 26, 2012

GeoTools/CADPower V 13.11 released:

**** Fixes:

*** CP_WORKSPACE command (CADPower -> More Options -> Workspace Setup): This command was not working correctly. It has been fixed now. Available only in the AutoCAD version of CADPower (2008+ versions). This command has been removed from the BricsCAD version as it did not belong there.

*** CP_APPLOAD command (CADPower -> More Options -> Load applications): This command was missing in the BricsCAD version of CADPower since the GeoTools split. It has now been introduced.

*** CP_TXT2ATTDEF command (CADPower -> Conversion -> Convert text strings to attribute definitions): This command was visible in the menu but not working. It has been fixed now.

*** CP_SRCHBLK4TXT command (CADPower -> Blocks -> Search Blocks for text strings): This command was visible in the menu but not working. It has been fixed now.

*** Fixes in evaluation version: When CADPower and GeoTools are loaded together, either software would not load if the other one was in evaluation mode and if its evaluation period had expired. This has been fixed now. You can now load the two software together or at different times for evaluation and test them independently without running the risk of blocking one or the other.

*** German translations completed fully.

**** New section/commands added in CADPower for BricsCAD

A new section called Mechanical added into CADPower for BricsCAD. Under this, we plan to offer some tools that would benefit users who work with 3dsolids, X-Hardware and Assembly modeling under BricsCAD Platinum.

*** CP_X-HARDWARE2COMPONENT (CADPower -> Mechanical -> X-Hardware -> Component): The CP_X-HARDWARE2COMPONENT command is used to convert a normal 3DSOLID object or an X-Hardware 3DSOLID object into a Mechanical component suitable for Assembly modeling in BricsCAD Platinum. Assemblies are defined as .dwg components managed from within the main drawing using XREF as the link mechanism.

*** CP_X-HARDWARE_BOM (CADPower -> Mechanical -> X-HardwareBOM): The CP_X-HARDWARE_BOM command is used to create a Bill-of-Material of all 3DSOLID parts in the drawing.

**** Direct download URLs:

* BricsCAD V13 from coordsys website:

* BricsCAD V13 from Bricsys website:

* GeoTools for Bricscad V13:


* CADPower for Bricscad V13:


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