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December 1, 2012

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**** Headlines Today:

--- GeoTools/CADPower volume license promotion:

--- Chapoo Document & Data Management Tool : A new cloud-based service from the Bricys guys

--- BricsCAD V 13.1.11 - New enhancements : Sheet Set dialog and more

News: *** GeoTools/CADPower volume license promotion:

Special incentive for decision making this winter. Starting today and until the end of this year, we announce a special promotion for all GeoTools/CADPower users.

The sweetest deal is on the un-limited site license of GeoTools-CADPower combo software which is now offered at a price of USD 4000 (usual price: USD 7000). You will also receive a free upgrade to the next version (V14) when it is released in late-March 2013.

Additionally, all other purchases of GeoTools-CADPower licenses during this period will receive a 10 % discount on the prices shown on the web -AND- will receive a free upgrade to V14 in March 2013.

The discounted prices are not shown on the 2CO purchase page. You may place the standard order and send us an email quoting this newsletter / blog post or email correspondence and your discount will be applied/refunded to your credit card while processing the order.

If you are paying by check, PayPal or bank transfer, you can apply the discount and send us your payment. If you are paying via bank wire transfer, please remember to pay the bank charges separately.

This promotion expires December 31, 2012. Until then, these are the prices:

GeoTools V13 (1-user license) : $ 134
GeoTools V13 (2-user license) : $ 215
GeoTools V13 (4-user license) : $ 422
GeoTools V13 (10-user license): $ 710
GeoTools V13 (20-user license): $ 1340
GeoTools V13 (unlimited site license) : $ 3410

CADPower V13 (1-user license) : $ 112.0
CADPower V13 (2-user license) : $ 200.0
CADPower V13 (4-user license) : $ 360.0
CADPower V13 (10-user license): $ 611.0
CADPower V13 (20-user license): $ 1133.0
CADPower V13, unlimited site license : $ 2897.0

News: *** Chapoo Document & Data Management Tool : A new cloud-based service.

Chapoo is the new name for the former Vondle product from Bricsys. The new Chapoo is from a newly spun off company called Chapoo NV in Belgium. Chapoo is a cloud-based (FREE & PAID options) document management and collaboration tool with direct links to twitter, facebook and other channels. Chapoo development and its mentors comes from a strong CAD & AEC background. That makes it an ideal tool for engineering companies with a DWG focus.

Read more about it in my blog post:

News : *** BrcisCAD V 13.1.11

The latest cut of BricsCAD adds some improvements to the Sheet Sets functionality. New Dialogs added to manage custom properties. Dialog added to the MatchProp settings command. Number of fixes apploed which were caused by regression in earlier version.

**** Direct download URLs: BricsCAD V13 from coordsys website:

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* GeoTools for Bricscad V13:


* CADPower for Bricscad V13:


Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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