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January 3, 2013

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We wish our readers a very happy new year.

**** Headlines Today:

- BricsCAD V 13.1.15 Update - Many fixes and improvements, mainly in Chapoo interface and assembly modeling/mechanical.

- CADPower and GeoTools V 13.12 released

- Blog updates:
Ralph Grabowski releases new eBook : BricsCAD V13 for AutoCAD users

ODA releases Teigha 3.8 libraries

Identifying commands, category-wise in BricsCAD

>> BricsCAD V 13.1.15 was released on December 21, 2012:

> Improvements

BMVSTYLE: extended the set of available visual styles in the command prompt.
BMXCONVERT: upon conversion of xsolid standard parts to blocks, instead of creating the block content using its original layer, it is now placed on layer 0, which is better integrated with the built-in dwg behavior that allows block content placed on layer 0 to assume the properties of the layer on which the block is inserted.

added the 'ChapooLogVerbose' preference. after login from Drawing Explorer, instead of hiding the Chapoo button, its label is replaced with 'Chapoo Logoff'. removed an unnecessary warning dialog ("No drawings in account"). removed an error message that was shown in some cases when the Chapoo folder was empty.
on upload, check if the drawing has dependencies, if so, they can be uploaded with the drawing, and a DocumentLink will be created on Chapoo. added ChapooUploadDependencies preference to decide what to do with dependencies.

DRAWING EXPLORER: check if the drawing has DocumentLinks, if so, they can be downloaded with the drawing (they will be placed in the same folder as the drawing).

DRAWING EXPLORER: no connection with the Chapoo server is made until the Folders tab is selected.

DIRECT MODELING: the delay, that occurs when using dmPushPull on a 2D contour that is near a complex solid, has been reduced.

MECHANICAL: added the bmVStyle command to the 'Mechanical Visualization' toolbar and menu.

MECHANICAL BROWSER: components visual styles are now available from the context menu and properties. improved the performance of the tree update.

> Fixes

drawings containing a bill of materials table were not correctly opened in BricsCAD Classic.
BMDISSOLVE: assembly 3D constraints were not always correctly maintained by the command. BMFORM, BMDISSOLVE: selection by window was not supported.

there was a problem connecting with connection failed when 'ChapooServer' preference was not terminated with trailing slash character. files of which the name contained non-ascii characters could not be displayed or uploaded.

>>> CADPower and GeoTools V 13.12 released

> Category-wise tools licensing in GeoTools and CADPower:

It is now possible to purchase a license for each category of GeoTools or CADPower tools individually . Category-based licensing allows you to selectively purchase only the tools that you require and no more. Each category of tools is as shown in the pull-down menus. Contact us to know the pricing for each category of tools. Category-based licensing is activated from within the regular license file itself and requires the entire software to be installed.

The category-based licensing replaces the erstwhile 'MyGeoTools' custom tool which is now discontinued. Category-based licensing follow the same rules as those applicable to the regular license of GeoTools.

> Minor changes: CADPower 13.12:

The CADPower FREEWARE commands in BricsCAD can now be run by typing CONVERTPOLY, FILTER, WBLOCKBC or TORIENT on the command line, without the CP_ prefix.

If you use the CP_ prefix in front, the commands will still work like before.

The CP_TORIENT and CP_WBLOCKBC commands were broken and not functioning in earlier releases. Fixed now.

CADPower tip: To know all the CADPower commands in BricsCAD, type CP_ and you will get a popup list of all the commands for a quick review.

GeoTools tip: To know all the GeoTools commands in BricsCAD, type GT_ and you will get a popup list of all the commands for a quick review.

**** Direct download URLs:

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* GeoTools for Bricscad V13:


* CADPower for Bricscad V13:


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