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June 21, 2013
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today:

- Bricsys Expands the 'Unified CAD' Paradigm, Integrates BIM with BricsCAD Pro & Platinum

- GeoTools & CADPower Grand Discount Anniversary promotion offer - $99 only

- Change in my email address

For those of you in email contact with me, please note that one of my older email ID: 'rakesh.rao(at)' is no longer valid and not accessible to me because of a change in our ISP policies. If you still have this address in your address-book, please remove it and use 'rakesh.rao(at)' as my contact address.

*** News in detail:

- Bricsys Expands the 'Unified CAD' Paradigm, Integrates BIM with BricsCAD Pro & Platinum

Bricsys today announced BIM software for BricsCAD V 13.2+, available as a free add-on module to Pro and Platinum users. Released as a public beta, this move is in line with the Bricsys 'Unified CAD' philosophy of offering everything from 2d/3d drafting & design, Direct modeling, Constraints based-design, Mechanical parts libraries and BIM, all under the .dwg CAD platform.

A 'BIM-enabled' tag for BricsCAD may be new, but this development comes with a long history and rich lineage behind it. Long before BIM became a buzzword in CAD circles, Bricsys had a powerful but under-marketed software called Architecturals, which offered everything that architectural design practice demanded. The Architecturals software itself was metamorphosed from erstwhile Microstation TriForma, another popular software from Bentley Systems during its times.

BIM on BricsCAD V 13.2+ is a completed product for the end-user, but it is still labeled as beta, which means it is an offering which may still have some rough edges that need to be ironed out. Like with all Bricsys modules and products, I foresee this being an evolutionary rather than revolutionary product, one that will improve and grow during its life-cycle, often incrementally, and certainly stabilize at one point to become a formidable BIM platform to run and compete alongside with its peers.

The BricsCAD BIM module is complete software for the CAD user, extensible by third-party developers using the COM API and offers immense opportunities to create an additional ecosystem of extended BIM solutions. In other words, the hard work of creating a BIM infrastructure and framework is already done by Bricsys.

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- GeoTools & CADPower Grand Discount Anniversary promotion offer

As we step into our 14th year in the CAD business, Four Dimension Technologies & Coordinate Systems announces a special anniversary promotion offer of $99 only/per license of GeoTools. Add $39 more and you get a CADPower license as well. This translates into a 65% discount on the current list prices. This is a limited time offer. Hurry up and place your steal deal orders.

Offer valid on AutoCAD and BricsCAD versions - English, Spanish and German.

Multiple licenses: 5 or more licenses get an additional 10% discount.

Upgrade price: V13 and below : $79 only

Terms and conditions :

This offer is valid for purchase through all payment methods shown on our web-site. If you are paying via bank wire, please remember to pay the bank fees separately. Incoming remittances with transfer fees deducted will not be processed until the shortfall is paid.

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