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October 25, 2013
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today:

  • Bricsys International Conference 2013:

The Bricsys International Conference 2013 concluded in Darmstadt-Germany last week and witnessed a participation of 170 attendees, including 5 from the CAD press. I was there and blogged the event live, covering each presentation on October 15th and 16th (Day 1 & Day 2) of the event. You can read the complete coverage of the event on my blog at this URL:

The highlight of the event was BricsCAD V14, which was shown to the audience. The official public release is expected in about a week. Here are some of the new features of BricsCAD V14:

- ANNOTATIVE STYLES and ENTITIES: This is now supported. Annotative entities can be displayed in different ways (scale, location, rotation) depending on the viewport. An annotative marker will be displayed while hovering over entities.

The following entities benefit from annotative scaling:

  • single-line and multiline text
  • hatches
  • tables
  • dimensions
  • tolerances
  • leaders and multileaders

- HATCHEDIT command implemented.

ASSEMBLY DESIGN:New command BMGENDRAFT automatically generates 2d drawing views for a 3d mechanical component.

X-HARDWARE is retired. The Mechanical -> Mechanical Browser item (bmBrowser on the command line) offers a new Library tab that provides access to standard hardware part library.

- The CONVERTPOLY command (Modify -> Convert polyline) converts lightweight polylines to classic polylines and vice versa.


  • restyled user interface reducing unnecessary lines, boxes and other distractions
  • A completely new set of icons in toolbars and menus.
  • A larger (32 x 32 pixel) icon set is now available for toolbars and tool palettes.

- HELIX : native creation of helical curves represented by the using HELIX entity.

- Improved EXPORT options: additionally supported file formats

  • STL: StereoLithography
  • DAE: Collada
  • STE, STP, STEP: Standard for Exchange of Product data
  • IGS, IGES: Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
  • CATIA V4 and V5
  • XCGM
  • 3DXML

- Improved IMPORT options

  • DAE: Collada
  • IGS, IGES: Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
  • STE, STP, STEP: Standard for Exchange of Product data
  • IAM, IPT: Inventor
  • CATIA: V4 and V5
  • PAR, PSM: Solid Edge
  • ASM (Creo Elements) , PRT (Pro Engineer)
  • SLDASM / SLDPRT: (Solidworks)
  • PRT: NX (Unigraphics)
  • ASM, PRT: Creo Elements / Pro Engineer
  • XCGM
  • 3DXML

- PASTECLIP FROM EXCEL: an excel spreadsheet, or a range of rows and columns, can now be pasted as a dwg table entity, instead of as an OLE object. The TABLE command now also allows to create a table from XMLSS files. You must choose the option Edit -> Paste Special and choose CSV or XML Spreadsheet to get the copied Excel data as a TABLE entity.

- MLEADERSTYLE - now opens MULTILEADER STYLE EXPLORER for managing multileader styles.

- PROPERTIES BAR: when no entities are selected, the properties of the current view are displayed - this also allows to modify the view settings.

- QUAD cursor menu has been redesigned from scratch- more intuitive behaviour

- RASTER IMAGES- significant performance enhancements, support for GeoTIFF

- SHEET METAL DESIGN: Provides a set of dedicated tools for modeling Sheet Metal Design - FLANGE, BEND, BEND RELIEF and CORNER RELIEF features are supported. The unfolded representation is generated automatically and can be passed to CAM-systems as a DXF file.

- SheetMetal_menu

X-SOLIDS removed: new functionality has been added to replace functionality offered by X-solid, the history based X-solids modeling is retired - old content still available as a Direct modeling option.

- IME: implemented inline IME (Input Method Editor) editing for the MText editor.

- Support for 3D CONNEXION MOUSE: The 3D mouse is used for navigating the view while the regular mouse is used for controlling the pointer.

- LICENSING: BricsCAD V14's new licensing system requires you to activate licenses online. Allows upto 2 installs per license purchase.

- LICENSING: Both 'Free Trial' as well as paid licenses need to be activated online (once). Further use does not require you to be online.


*** Direct download URLs:

* BricsCAD V13 from coordsys website:


* BricsCAD V13 from Bricsys website:


* GeoTools V13 for Bricscad V13:


* CADPower V13 for Bricscad V13:


Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback at all times.

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