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January 19, 2014
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today (CADPower):

- CADPower V 14.22

Bug fix: CP_CHOP : (CADPower -> Miscellaneous -> CAD Procedures -> Object Chopper): The CP_CHOP was not working correctly on closed periodic curves (like CIRCLE and ELLIPSE). This has now been fixed. You can chop a circle and ellipse accurately with this fix in place.

Bug Fix: All command concerning layer isolate and restore, layer states - save and restore have been fixed and implemented now. This fix affects the correct functioning of the following commands, all of which are located under the Layer menu: Isolate layer(s): CP_IsoD Restore Isolated layer(s): CP_Restore

Save Layer State - 1: CP_SL1
Save Layer State - 2: CP_SL2
Save Layer State - 3: CP_SL3

Restore Layer State - 1: CP_RL1
Restore Layer State - 2: CP_RL2
Restore Layer State - 3: CP_RL3

Enhanced/Fixed command : CP_COMPAREBLKATTS (CADPower -> Blocks -> Block-related -> Compare Block attributes and create report) is used to investigate blocks with attributes and compare attribute tags and values. This command has been in CADPower for a while now but has been significantly enhanced in the latest cut 14.19, bug-fixed and completely re-written.

Notable enhancements include:

. full support for dynamic blocks
. re-orderd but same tags in two blocks are now recognized and treated as unique tags
. Report file format has been improved, clutter-removed
. command names, dwg name and processing date/time added in report file.

The CP_COMPAREBLKATTS command only compares block attributes and reports unique tags and values across blocks. It does not tell you what exactly are the differences between two blocks that may have a similar attribute structure. That is planned for a future CADPower command called CP_ATTDIFF.

**** Headlines Today (BricsCAD):

BricsCAD for Mac - We Have Moved One Step Closer to Beta


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