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May 1, 2014
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today (BricsCAD):

*** Bricsys TV continues to grow strong and adds new content, here is some latest action on this channel:

** Artisan 2014 for BricsCAD brings the most innovative and modern rendering engine to the dwg CAD platform. Watch this announcement on the Bricsys TV:

** Louis Verdonck reveals some new secrets of printing in BricsCAD. Learn how to control color and lineweights using plot style stables.

** Part 2 of BricsCAD printing secrets.

Louis Verdonck shows how to create page setups and layouts using viewports.

Page Setup controls various print settings:
- Printer configuration
- paper size and orientation
- plot style table, which specify how entity colors are used to control color and lineweights on paper.

** A tedious combination of move, scale and rotate can be replaced with a single ALIGN command in BricsCAD. This video by Jan Bergmann tells you how.

** Use Layer States instead of clicking bulbs. Manage layers more effectively. Jan Bergmann shows you how in this video:

** AutoCAD has a dozen or so selection modes, and you've probably used some of them quite a lot, such as window, crossing, and select all. But BricsCAD has all the same selection modes as AutoCAD, plus five more. Ralph Grabowski tells you more in this video...

**** Headlines Today (CADPower):

- CADPower V 14.29

- Enhancement: The FR, ON, OF, LO and TH short-cut commands that are used to control layer settings now allow you to select multiple objects in the selection. Earlier, it was only possible to select one object and the layer of that object would be turned on/off, frozen or thawed. Now, it is possible to respond with a . character in response to the layer names, and CADPower will present the "Select objects" prompt. This will enable you to select multiple objects and all the layers of these objects will be subjected to the command in operation.

- Fixes: The CP_CONS_TXT command was crashing upon start. This has now been fixed.

- Change/fix: The automatic loading of toolbars during startup of CADPower and GeoTools has been diabled. The feedback we got was that this was annoying and must be removed.

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