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May 17, 2014
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today (BricsCAD):

*** The latest action on Bricsys TV

** Measure the area of a non-existent object: If you want to measure an area which only exists because of surrounding objects, you will have a problem. This video shows you how you can use BPOLY command to get this done.

** BricsCAD Now Supports 3Dconnexion 3D Mice: Simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 2D and 3D content

** Printing in BricsCAD Part 4: Using a plotter configuration file (Louis Verdonck)

** The Prompt Menu and Its Many Uses: Using the Prompt Menu for accessing command options (Ralph Grabowski)

** Printing in BricsCAD Part 3: Control the color and lineweight with Plot Style Tables (Lousi Verdonck)

*** DesignSense becomes an official Lightworks partner in India

**** Headlines Today (CADPower):

*** CADPower V 14.30

Important Enhancement: All CADPower dialog boxes that ask for generic multiple selection (like layers, block etc) now has a new item called 'Filter' which allows wildcard filtering. This makes it much easier to select from large lists.

Fixes: CP_SL (CADPower -> Selection -> Select current Layer): This command was crashing. It has now been fixed.

Fixes: CP_DIMPREC (BricsCAD+ -> Change Dimension Precision): This command was not working. It has now been fixed. (BricsCAD only)


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