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Jun 12, 2014
Bangalore, India

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The fifteenth version of GeoTools & CADPower is now shipping and available for download on our website. GeoTools & CADPower V15 runs on AutoCAD versions 2007-2015 & BricsCAD V14. We have added some really cool and new features in our products in this new release.

** CADPower V 15.0

- Good news for trial users: The registration nag screen which would appear at the start of each command has been removed. It now appears only once during startup. The number of times you can run CADPower in the 30 day evaluation period has been doubled - from 75 to 150.

- New BOM/BOQ module released: CP_BOM (CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Create Bill of Materials/Quantities): CADPower now offers a comprehensive BOM/BOQ module. The BOM module works on blocks and can generated tabulated quantities (block name count) and sorted attribute listings. There is also an option to export the block attributes in comma delimited CSV text files which can be edited in Microsoft Excel or Open/Libre Office and imported back into CAD for a complete round-trip update of both attributes and BOM table.

This is only the beginning of a more comprehensive BOQ generation tool planned for the V15 life-cycle. We are already working on a tile-based BOQ calculator that allows user-defined M x N sized block (panels or tiles) to be auto-fitted inside polygonal areas and a cost/quantity table generated. There are also plans on the anvil to generate a cost/quantity estimator for wall areas, suitable for architects. The CP_BOM command is almost fully parametric, entire BOM template can be controlled using INI files.

- New command: CP_DIVPOLY: CADPower -> Miscellaneous -> CAD Procedures -> Divide a 3/4 sided polygon: The CP_DIVPOLY command divides a triangle or a 4-sided polygon into an equal number of smaller polygons.

- New command added: CP_TXTSPACING: (CADPower -> Text -> Display -> Adjust spacing of text objects): This command can be used to adjust vertical or horizontal spacing between text objects. You can specify an exact spacing to be maintained between the text or opt for an equal spacing to be computed between the bottom-most and top-most text in the selection.

- New command added: CP_TXTCHANGE: (CADPower -> Text -> Display -> Exhchange one text with another): This command is used to exchange one text object with another. There are two options available. In the 'ObjectFlip' option, one text is physically moved to the location of the other. In the 'ContentFlip' option, only the text strings are exchanged. All other properties remain the same.

CADPower has a bunch of tools to deal with text legibility and spacing.

  • If you have overlapping text that needs to stand clear of each other, use the CP_UNCLUTTER command.
  • If you need to align text objects either horizontally, vertically or inclined, use the CP_ALIGNTEXT command.
  • If you need to adjust vertical or horizontal text spacing or make them fit uniformly with equal spacing, use the CP_TXTSPACING command.

- New command added: CP_CHCASEQUICK (CADPower -> Text -> Conversion -> Quick Change Case): The CP_CHCASEQUICK command is a quick shortcut version of the more elaborate CP_CHCASE command, which is used to change the case of text objects.

- Enhancement: CP_TC (CADPower-> Text-> Creation-> Draw Quick Text (running numbers)): A new option to automatically apply incrementing text on pre-existing text has been added. The incrementing can be done as per X or Y direction sorting.

- Fixes: CP_ALIGNTEXT command was not showing the MTEXT option. This has been fixed now.

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