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July 15, 2014
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today:

** ADIS Technologies Hosts BricsCAD Roadshow in Belgaum - July 17, 2014 If you are in and around Belgaum, please do visit this event from 0530 pm-0830 pm, followed by cocktails and dinner. Read more here:

** What's new on Bricsys TV?

- Using 2D Dimensional constraints, Transform a smartphone into a tablet using 2D constraints A Bricsys TV presentation:

- Add command-line switches to the BricsCAD desktop icon to change the way BricsCAD starts up.

Hear out Ralph Grabowski as he shows you how you can supress the startup splash screen and plot a list of drawings automatically.

- Right Click and Drag drawing files from Windows Explorer onto the BricsCAD window. Louis Verdonck shows you how can XREF with ease:

- Solve inverse kinematic problems in real time An Ilya Tatarnikov presentation:

- Nice little tips and tricks in BricsCAD: Speed up your workflow with keyboard shortcuts and function keys Ralph Grabowski tells you how:

- Ralph Grabowski takes us on a tour of the Sheet Set Interface in BricsCAD

- Working Sets allow you to group and manage multiple project drawings at once Ralph Grabowski shows you how:

** CADPower V 15.03

- Enhancement: CP_AUTODIM: (CADPower -> Miscellaneous -> CAD Procedures -> Automatic Dimensioning): The CP_AUTODIM command now accepts lines, polylines, arcs, circles as well as splines as input and an automatic dimension is now created cutting across all these entities.

- Enhancement: CP_TC: (CADPower-> Text-> Creation-> Draw Quick Text [running numbers]): Alpha-numeric incrementing of text is now possible. If you set the starting charater value as A8, the series is now incremented as A9, A10, A11..... and so on.

- Enhancement: CP_XD_SEARCH (CADPower -> Extended Entity Data -> Search and replace extended entity data): A new option called 'Search all codes' has been added in this command. Using this option, you can replace multiple (all) occurences of the selected XDATA code in one single operation instead of having to repeat the operation one at a time.

- Bug fix: Menu: CP_CALCAREA (CADPower-> Polyline-> Inquiry Statistics-> Compute summed areas of closed polylines): There was a bug in this command when reporting area units in sq.m if the drawing unit was in mm. The output figure was off by a decimal place and was appearing 10 times larger than required. This has been fixed now.

- Toolbar default display: Upon starting CADPower for the first time, the toolbars are NOT automatically displayed now. You can show and hide individual toolbars using the 'CADPower -> Toolbars & Flyouts' menu. The majority feedback we got was that the automatic switching on of all toolbars was not appreciated by many users.

- Duplicate loading of pull-down menus: This has been fixed. Please do let me know if this problem persists on some displays.

- New command : CP_GRIPHATCH (command-line only): Useful for BricsCAD users only, this is a workaround command that enables non-associative hatch patterns to be grip-edited.


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