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August 29, 2014
Bangalore, India

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** CADPower V 15.06 update:

CADPower is a general purpose productivity boosting tool for .dwg CAD. We keep adding new features almost every 2 weeks. Here is a roundup of new features added in the past few days. The CADPower user manual has been updated to reflect all the latest commands and their descriptions. Both the online version on our web-site as well as the CHM is now updated.

- New command: CP_LINEPLANEINT: CADPower -> Miscellaneous -> CAD Procedures -> Determine the intersection of line and plane: The CP_LINEPLANEINT command determines the intersection of a point with a plane -or- a line with a plane and marks a point at the intersection. Use this command to create projected points or lines from points to planes.

- New command added: CP_DIMTXTEXTRACT (BricsCAD+ -> Extract text from dimensions): The CP_DIMTXTEXTRACT command is used to extract the dimension text value from selected dimensions and place them on the drawing as independent text entities. This can be a handy tool to extract dimension measurements as text, which can further be easily arraanged in a tabulated form or numeric computations applied using other CADPower commands.

- New command: CP_XD_RENAMEAPP: CADPower -> Extended Entity Data -> Rename XDATA application name attached to entities: The CP_XD_RENAMEAPP command is used to change the application name in XDATA that is already attached to entities. Use this tool as a means to transfer extended entity data from one application to another.

- Enhancement: CP_PL_STAT: CADPower-> Polyline Tools -> Inquiry Statistics -> Compute detailed polyline statistics: A new option has been added which allows the polyline statistics export file to be specified with a delimiter. This alows easy import and processing of the data in Microsoft Excel.

- Enhancement: CP_VISIT: Menu: CADPower -> Inquiry -> Object Selection Browser: The CP_VISIT command has been enhanced and now supports dimension as well as spline objects also.

Tip: The CP_VISIT commmand can be used as a tool to find the age of objects in a drawing. If you select "All" and build a selection set of the entire drawing, you can browse through the entire collection from the first created entity to the last in exact order.

- Enhancement: CP_BOM (CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Create Bill of Materials/Quantities): The CP_BOM command now optionally also processes external reference blocks.

- Bug fix: CP_FLIP (CADPower -> Polyline Tools -> Flip -> Flip (Reverse) direction): There was a bug which caused wrong results if a closed 2d polyline had a non-zero elevation. This has been fixed now.

- Enhancement: CP_TXTEVAL (CADPower -> Text -> Apply arithmetic/statistical operations on text objects): A new option called 'Sum [Add up]' has been added which will add up all the selected numbers and create a new text (or block) object.

- Bug fix: CP_MVEDIT: (CADPower-> Polyline-> Vertex Management-> Mulitple Vertex Editor): The greying-in and out of the edit tiles have been made and is in sync now.

- Bug fix: CP_BOM: (CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Create Bill of Materials/Quantities): There was an inconsistency in the way the 'MultipleBlocks' based BOM blocks selection was processed. The blocks defined in the INI file are now considered as the blocks which will be selectable for processing.

** BricsCAD Tip:

If you find that changing views (front/back/side/isometric) of 3d models in BricsCAD wireframe mode is slow, change the Rendering Mode to 'Modeling' (View -> Rendering -> Modeling) and Global Material transparency to 100%. This will ensure that you can change drawing views extremely fast, without any delays. Changing the Rendering Mode to 'Modeling' ensures extremely fast view changes and updates because BricsCAD uses the 3d graphics engine. Changing the global material transparency to 100% ensures that you get the same effect as that of using a wireframe model. This is done using the Drawing Explorer -> Materials settings.

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