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September 5, 2014
Bangalore, India

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*** The Bricsys international conference 2014

Bricsys is having its annual international conference at the Hesperia Convention Center in Barcelona, Spain on October 14-15, 2014. Our conference is designed for application developers, sales partners, corporate clients, the media, and CAD analyst to meet as a community. This year, the conference will feature the release of BricsCAD V15, the next step on our path of continuing growth and software performance.

Evolving to the best combination of 2D, 3D and data without disruption. Bricsys continues to work on REAL Choice. With an increasing attention in the market for 3D modeling, Bricsys is committed to combine the best 3D experience with the most powerful legacy 2D experience, opening new ways to manage massive data linked to geometry - and yes, also in the cloud.

If your legacy business is historically based on the .dwg file format, then you should attend the BIC 2014. Bricsys will unfold its strategy for its BIM approach for BricsCAD and the Applications running on it. But it is not limited to the AEC market. The link between geometry, data and offering access and management in the cloud is the challenge today for everyone involved in any engineering discipline. That’s what we believe in for the vast majority of applications. Reason enough to explore this with us.

We will rock you once more ... promised!

*** What's new on Bricsys TV?

** Watch Ralph Grabowski show how easy it is to customize the user-interface of BricsCAD with some simple steps.

** Working with Entity Data: Attach non-graphical data to entities in BricsCA-

*** CADPower V 15.07

CADPower is a general purpose productivity tool for .dwg CAD. Here is a roundup of new features added in the past few days.

- Bug fix: CP_ATTUPRIGHT: CADPower -> Blocks -> Attribute-related -> Make attribute readable: A bug has been fixed in the CP_ATTUPRIGHT command. The attributes now set themselves upright for all types of text justifications. The process of setting an attribute text upright involves flipping the text by 180 degrees when it is not readble with the head upright.

- Enhancements in the BOM/BOQ Tool: CP_BOM ( CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Create Bill of Materials/Quantities ): Significant improvements have been made to the CP_BOM command. It is now possible to import any CSV file directly using CP_BOM command, not just the ones exported by CP_BOM. Earlier, this was limited only to 'Attribute Extraction' workflows.

- Two new BOM-types have been introduced. These are called 'Count Attribute Values' and 'IndexedBOM'.
- The 'Count Attribute Values' method allows a bill of quantities to be generated based on the number of times a specific attribute value occurs. Attribute values can linked to a description and cost which are specified in the INI file.

-The 'IndexedBOM' method allows to aggregate, count and report drawings which are labelled using indexed blocks. An indexed block is a symbol (block with an attribute) created to represent parts of the drawing named A, B, C.... 1, 2, 3.... and so on. For each of these indexes, a description can be specified in the INI file and a table of Quantity, Description and the Index can be generated. These kinds of drawings are used most often in the process industry.

- The CP_BOM dashboard has been re-designed and the names of the BOM workflows have been changed to better reflect what it does.

The following are the descriptions:

- Attribute extraction: Single block name, multiple attributes extraction, tabulation, Excel CSV export/import (round-tripping)
- Multiple blocks, by Name: Quantity and cost estimation of blocks by name. Creates table in CAD, exports CSV data
- Attribute extraction (multiple blocks): Multiple block names with common attributes extraction, tabulation, Excel CSV export/import (round-tripping)
- Count block scale factors: Useful for construction and similar professionals who use a single differently scaled block to cover an area of interest. The BOM is generated based on the count of specifix X by Y scale blocks.
- Count attribute values:
- Indexed (baloon) BOM: Use baloon blocks (with attributes) as input and

- INI EDitor interface improved: The interface to edit the INI files have been vastly improved. There is now an option to add new sections into the INI file. The width of edit boxes for data entry is mush better now.

- Enhancement in CP_TC command (CADPower-> Text-> Creation-> Draw Quick Text (running numbers) ): A new option called 'Scale Factor' has been added. You can now specify the scale factor of blocks as they are inserted. Earlier, the scale factor of blocks was read from the global CADPower settings. The new option offers better control over placing of blocks.

** GeoTools V 15.07

- The GT_ROWMAKER command is now enabled in BricsCAD also: (GeoTools -> Build -> Make Right-of-Way/Pavements/Ramps): The GT_ROWMAKER command generates automatic offsets and rights-of-ways. This was not enabled in BricsCAD until now for technical reasons. BricsCAD users can use this command now without problems.

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** What's new on Bricsys TV?


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