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October 3, 2014
Bangalore, India

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** Two more weeks to the Bricsys International Conference

Come October 15 and BricsCAD V15 will be launched at the Bricsys conference in Barcelona, Spain. Starting October 1, all new BricsCAD V14 license keys are automatically enabled for BricsCAD V15, even for those not on subsciption. This means that a purchase of BricsCAD V14 now entitles you to BricsCAD V15 automatically and also BricsCAD V16 if you purchase 1 year subscription also. Technically, this is a 15-day period in October every year that gives you the most bang for your buck as for buying software. Even pre-V14 users stand to benefit hugely from making a purchase now in this auspicious window of October 1 to 15, 2014. Make the most of this opportunity. Contact us for more details!!

** What's new on Bricsys TV?

- Select Similar, a video by Mustafa Kocatürk

Select objects with similar type and properties See more at:

- Getting help for BricsCAD, Jason Bourhill shows you more than one ways

We all need help from time to time. In this video we’ll look at additional ways of getting help when you’re working in BricsCAD. Also shown are some links to where you can go to find additional support online. See more at:

- Saving Your Customizations with Partial CUI Files: A Ralph Grabowski presentation Load UI elements independently of BricsCAD's default settings See more at:

- Making BricsCAD as Colorful as You Are

Changing the colors of many parts of the BricsCAD user interface See more at:

** CADPower V 15.08

CADPower is a general purpose productivity tool for .dwg CAD. Here is a roundup of new features added in the past few days.

- Bug fix: CP_TC: Menu: CADPower-> Text-> Creation-> Draw Quick Text (running numbers): A bug which was causing an error in updating the text sequence when a new item was inserted or deleted has been fixed.

- New command added: CP_TILEPLACE: CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Place tiles / XY sized panels: This is a space planning tool. The CP_TILEPLACE command fills a closed polygon with a block which will be inserted to a specified size of 'Length' X 'Breadth'. Useful for architects, engineers and anyone who wants to place rectangular panels which are cut to standard & custom sizes.

CP_TILEPLACE command requires a unit-sized (1x1) block to be defined with optional attributes for size and description. There can be any number of CAD entities within the 1x1 sized block.

You are then asked to select a closed polygon (polyline, spline, ellipse or circle), and specify a 'standard' size for your panel, which will be placed and fitted in rows and columns across the area. These blocks will be scaled with the specified X and Y scales representing Breadth and Length respectively. When there is not enough space at the ends, near the polygon boundary, a smaller filler block will be used. The filler block has the same Breadth as the standard block. The length will be adjusted as per available space. It is possible to specify a rounding off dimension as well as gap distances along the panels and across the panels.

There is also an option to fill the polygon with an image. The image should be ideally square in size and represent a material pattern or poster or such feature. Selecting an image which is not a square will result in the image being scaled in X and Y dimensions. Using the image fill option, it is possible to closely mimin the SUPERHATCH functionality that is available in the Express Tools.

- New command added: CP_TILECOUNT: CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> BOM: Count tiles / XY panels: The CP_TILECOUNT command runs the CP_BOM tool and is provided for convenience and visibility. The CP_BOM tool supports a workflow that counts the bloack scale factors. All block scale factors that are likely to be used in the drawing must be defined in the INI file.

- New command added: CP_TILEOFFSET: CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Offset tiles / XY sized panels: This command is used to offset tiles along the direction of their placement or in a direction parallel to their placement. The panels are expected to have been placed manually or using the CP_TILEPLACE command.
Selecting one single panel gives the user the option to automatically scan and select the entire row of panels at once.

- New command added: CP_BO: CADPower -> Blocks -> Block-related -> Select and export Block to DWG: This is a quick macro tool that allows to select a block and export the same into a specified DWG.

- New command added: CP_BI: CADPower -> Blocks -> Block-related -> Select and import Block from DWG: This is a quick macro tool that allows to select a block and import a new definition of the same block from a specified DWG.


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