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November 2, 2014
Bangalore, India

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**** Headlines Today:

*** Bricsys Announnces Public Release of BricsCAD V15 on October 28

BricsCAD V15 is now available for public download from

Users in India may please download it at this URL:

Here are some useful links:

- BricsCAD V15 - What's New(feature list)

- It has BIM too

- And sports a ribbon interface

- Vastly improved Sheet Metal capabilities

All BricsCAD users who have received their V14 licenses after October 1, 2014 can use the same license key on V15 also. Users on subscription will automatically receive a new license key for BricsCAD V15 by email.

*** BricsCAD Communicator for V15 Released

The CAD data exchange module, BricsCAD Communicator also has been updated for V15

*** GeoTools & CADPower for BricsCAD V15 Available, Runs Classic Version also

We are pleased to announce that CADPower & GeoTools V15.10 update is now compatible with BricsCAD V15, and it runs on the Classic version also.

*** GeoTools & CADPower V 15.10 Update

There are a couple of useful productivity enhancements in V15.10

** CADPower

CP_MODTXT: Menu: CADPower -> Text -> Editing -> Globally modify TEXT/MTEXT: The CP_MODTXT command now has an option to set selected text objects upright. Setting a text object upright involves rotating the text by 180 degrees if its rotation angle is between 90 and 270 degrees. This is a new global text editing option now available under the CP_MODTXT command.

CP_IDXYZ: Menu: CADPower -> Annotation -> Label points: New enhancements have been made in the CP_IDXYZ command.

- A new option has been added to set the precision from within this command itself. It is no longer needed to depend on the precision in the General Settings (CP_GENSET).
- An option has been added to supress trailing zeroes.
- An option has been added to specify a suffix after each coordinate. The suffix can be added once at the end of the annotation string or after each coordinate value.

CP_GENSET: Menu: CADPower -> Settings: A new general setting has been added in the CP_GENSET command. This is called 'Do not show user-interface'. Checking this option causes GeoTools and CADPower to load without any menus and toolbars. The commands are all available for use on teh command line as usual. This is useful for power users who may want to reduce the UI clutter and use only certain commands on command line or create custom menus that call GeoTools or CADPower commands directly.

** GeoTools

The GT_GENSET command is identical in GeoTools and CADPower. The enhancement about 'Do not show user-interface' explained above applies to GeoTools also.

The GT_IDXYZ command is available in GeoTools also and is identical as in CADPower. The enhancements explained above applies to GeoTools also.



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