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March 31, 2016
Bengaluru, India

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*** GeoTools - CADPower V17 released

V17 is shipping!

The seventeenth edition of GeoTools & CADPower is now shipping and available for download on our website.

Every year, around this time, in the heat of Indian summer, we release the next numbered version of our CAD add-on products.

The timing is historical and coincides with the new release of AutoCAD every year around the same time.

AutoCAD 2017 is now released and shipping since 2 weeks. GeoTools & CADPower V17 runs on AutoCAD versions 2007-2017, and BricsCAD V16, V15 & V14.

During the life-cycle of V16, we added and strengthened several new features like Google Earth integration, rubber-sheeting techniques, BOM/BOQ tools, Construction Grids, precision area and Excel import-export and several drafting shortcuts.

In V17, the focus is going to be on improving ease of use and product documentation. This year, I have resolved to create YouTube videos and tutorials to enable first time users to find and understand our tools easily. During the past 17 years that GeoTools & CADPower have been in existence, the only source of information to understand our product has been the online and CHM fuser manual. Today, the practice of reading user manuals is passe'. We are a bit late but I promise that in the next 12 months, you will have every single GeoTools and CADPower command youtubed.

Apart from product communication and documentation, we will also strengthen Civil & Road Design tools significantly, offering customizable hooks to adapt to local design regulations. We will also continue to focus on improving operating efficiency in the AEC, mapping and geological CAD workflows.

Typically, software users only use 10% of the tools that are relevant to their work. This is true across domains. Our goal is to provide only those most-commonly used software within your CAD environment. Do you really need all those heavy-weight software to do just 10 common things are needed every day?

As always, our software grows incrementally from one update to another. We look forward to another year of continued growth and new features.

I am pleased to announce that GeoTools & CADPower completes 17 years today and runs on 10 versions of AutoCAD from 2007 to 2017 and on BricsCAD V14-V16, including the Classic version.

We are a CAD platform neutral company as far as our micro-vertical tools like GeoTools & CADPower are concerned. Whether you are an AutoCAD or BricsCAD user, stay benefitted from our solutions.

AutoCAD or BricsCAD, English, Spanish or German, we have the right set of tools for you.

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