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May 11, 2016
Bengaluru, India

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Bengaluru, India

*** CADPower V 17.03 Update:

** Improved command: CP_CGRID (Menu: CADPower -> Draw -> Geometry -> Construction Grid):

This command has been improved. A new option has been added to position a rotated grid during creation time itself. After the prompt that asks for the first corner of the grid, you can press ENTER and specify the primary and secondary axes directions and the grid will be drawn in a rotated fashion. We added this feature to make it more intuitive and be able to fill a rotated area with the grid without having the first create it horizontally and then rotate it into place manually.

The 'Inclined' option to draw a grid - first horizontal and then drag rotate the same exists like before.

** Improved command: CP_FLEXITILE (Menu: CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Flexi-Tile planner):

It is now possible to optionally specify the SIZE and DESC attributes in the flexi-tile block with invisible flags. This enables such blocks to not display their attribute values in the drawing while they will be available for Excel import, table and other operations.

*** GeoTools V 17.03 Update:

A bug in V 17.02 which caused a crash in every command (in certain situations) has been fixed. We apologize for this error.

** Improved command: GT_INTEX (Menu: GT_INTEX @ GeoTools -> Drawing Cleanup -> Lineworks Intersections Processor):

The GT_INTEX command has been improved and made more accommodating. You can now select lines and 2d polylines also as your source objects and they will be processed against the target objects and the 3D data built with ease.

** Improved command: GT_CROSSSECT: (Menu: GeoTools -> Civil Tools -> Multiple Cross Section Tools): The GT_CROSSSECT command draws cross-section lines across TIN/elevation data.

This command has been improved and made more accommodating. It now supports lines and 2d polylines also as valid elevation data. Significant improvements have been made in the layout & spacing of cross-section profiles.

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