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July 5, 2016
Bengaluru, India

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Bengaluru, India

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* Project Geometry - Vessel: Use PROJECTGEOMETRY to markout your models (A Jason Bourhill tutorial)

Did you know? BricsCAD V16.2 introduces Project Geometry. This command projects 2D geometry onto a region, a surface or a 3D solid; creating linework that you can use in the development of your model.

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* There is much more to talk about regarding a complete series of BIM tutorials but I will save that for another newsletter.

*** CADPower V 17.07 Update:

** Enhanced command CP_DWGBROWSER (CADPower -> Miscellaneous -> File Management -> DWG Browser, with thumbnail previews):

The CP_DWGBROWSER command has been enhanced with a few hooks to easily link up your symbol libraries and insert then into your CAD. If you have a collection of blocks in dwg format that you need frequent access to, simply put them in a folder called "SYMBOLS" in the CADPower installation folder and it will get picked up by the CP_DWGBROWSER command.

A number of pre-defined sub-folders under SYMBOLS are pre-recognized by this command now:


All you need to do is copy your symbol blocks into the above named folders and it is there for you to insert in your CAD.

If you need additional folders, simply create your own DWGBROWSER.INI file and add them in. The sample, a default DWGBROWSER.INI folder automatically gets created in the current drawing folder.

** New command added CP_SHEETCUTTERARBITRARY (Menu: CADPower -> BOM/BOQ Tools -> Panels, Layout & Sizing -> Cut an arbitrary shaped sheet with gap allowance):

8 newsletters back, we announced CP_SHEETCUTTER command, which would cut an exact rectangular shape into two. We extend that further with an arbitrary shape cutter version in CP_SHEETCUTTERARBITRARY. Take any multi-sided polygon and cut it into two pieces, with a gap specification.

This is a nifty design tool that appeals to fabricators, general designers, sheet metal professionals and any one else who has this requirement.

** New command added: (Menu: CADPower -> Draw -> CAD Objects -> Easy 3d Spline):

The CP_EASY3DSPLINE command offers an easy way to create 3d spline by allowing entry of Z elevations directly via keyboard. The CP_EASY3DSPLINE command follows the same logic and design like the CP_EASY3DPOLY and CP_EASY3DPOINT commands.

*** GeoTools V 17.07 Update:

** New command added: (Menu: GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Draw bore-hole cross-section data):

As India frees up its mining policy in 2016 and newer mineral exploration tenders open up in several states, GeoTools does its bit to push the gas on the mining tools section again.

We present to you the GEOL_BOREHOLESTRATA command which is used to draw the strata of a bore-hole as it penetrates the ground.

The GEOL_BOREHOLESTRATA command works with two kinds of data files:

1. A strata definition file which shows which mineral or soil type exists between what levels.
2. A strata presentation file which tells which hatch pattern and scale to use for each of the strata items.

** Updated command GT_OD_EXTRACT (GT_OD_EXTRACT @ GeoTools -> AutoCAD Map Tools -> Export -> Export Object Table Data to ASCII files):

The GT_OD_EXTRACT command now supports extracting X,Y,Z coordinates of the entity in the export file. For a point, its location is exported. For linear objects like lines, polylines, arcs & splines, the mid point of the linear entity is exported. For all other entities, an averaged location point defined by the geographic middle of the entity is exported.

This request comes from several users who want to export all object data into an ASCII file and track them on the drawing using their insertion point as reference.

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