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August 31, 2016
Bengaluru, India

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Bengaluru, India

*** CADPower V 17.10 Update:

Enhanced command: CP_MAINTENANCE (CADPower -> More Options -> Maintenance/Housekeeping): (work in progress): The CP_MAINTENANCE command was introduced in V 17.09. It has been expanded a bit and you can get a preview of the kind of manintenance and house-keeping tasks we intend to provide going forward.

Enhanced command: CP_SHOWPATHS (CADPower -> More Options -> Show system & DWG paths): The CP_SHOWPATHS command has been enhanced. Instead of presenting the folder options on the command window, it is now displayed within a scrollable dialog box so that users can pick the item they want easily.

New feature added: BrcsCAD+ menu: The BricsCAD+ menu is a new add-on to the existing user interface of CADPower. It is a freeware feature and never expires in CADPower. The BricsCAD+ menu offers some commonly used shortcuts and menu items (found in familiar AutoCAD interfaces) and makes it easily available to BricsCAD users.

BricsCAD+ user interface is available only in the English version of CADPower and contains a pull-down menu and three toolbars.

The 'QuickTools' toolbar contains various Zoom command options and the real-time pan which are most often missed by new BricsCAD users.

The 'UCS' toolbar contains all the UCS options in exactly the same way as AutoCAD shows it. This eases the transition for BricsCAD users.

The 'Viewport' toolbar contains all the Viewport create/manage options in the same way as AutoCAD shows it.

The main 'BricsCAD+' toolbar offers several shortcuts and quick-access tools as listed below:

- Layer Commands shortcut
- Layer, Style, DimStyle dialogs that directly connect and open Explorer
- Point Style dialog (ddpstyle)
- Many dimensioning, scale management & editing shortcuts are available.
- Purge & XREF tools
- The FILTER command

*** New CADPower videos added

*** New GeoTools videos added

GT_DRAPEPOLY @ GeoTools, Build, Drape a 3D polyline across a set of intersecting linear objects

Set out-of-range elevation values to nearest valid elevation values (GeoTools)

*** New BricsCAD videos (DesignSense production)

How to Create Lofted 3D Solids and Surfaces in BricsCAD

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