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November 28, 2016
Bengaluru, India

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DesignSense to Represent AddoBar ReBAR Detailing Software in India

DesignSense Software Technologies is pleased to sign up as a solutions and sales partner for AddoBAR software, which is one of the new generation rebar detailing software for AutoCAD & BricsCAD.

AddoBAR is the next generation platform for rebar detailing software. It runs seamlessly and identically on AutoCAD 2012++ as well as BricsCAD V16++ and provides both quality and accurate production of reinforcement detailing. With AddoBAR, detailing is made simple. Inserting, scheduling and changing of bar properties have never been easier.

We have been on the lookout for quality rebar software solutions and we liked AddoBAR as it completely ARX and .NET based and uses intelligent custom objects providing multiple representation capabilities and extended design properties.

We are happy to be associated with this product in India and will take this product across to the large number of companies doing rebar detailing in India. In most organizations, the process is manual and often made by copy-pasting of existing designs with painful edits and adjustments. AddoBAR allows you to build your design from scratch and takes away the tedious detailing tasks. Views can be changed easily by changing a single property and quantity takeoffs can be generated easily and exported to Excel in a amatter of seconds. AddoBAR completely supports European and British codes that make is almost ready to deploy for Indian conditions, which are based on the British codes.

The Indian standard code for steel detailing can be easily incorporated by filling in relevant data into XML configuration files, and this is one of the items on our medium term agenda.

AddoBAR also supports 3D bar display mode, so there is no need to struggle with alternate means of rendering, constraint solving and clash detection, while using powerful object based tools CAD has to offer.

AddoBAR is a powerful, full 3D detailing solution. It is also affordable, empowering you to create impressive rebar layouts and configurations that allows you to test various design options real quick.

AddoBar is a product of AddoSoft, a company based out of South Africa, and is the leading BricsCAD partner in South Africa.

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