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April 5, 2017
Bengaluru, India

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Bengaluru, India

*** CADPower & GeoTools V 18.0 Released:

We are pleased to announce the release of V18 of GeoTools and CADPower software.

The eighteenth numbered release of our software marks the completion of 18 years of existence of our add-on productivity software, the first version of which was released in 1999 for the AutoCAD platform.

Because of historical reasons, the timing of the release of new versions of GeoTools & CADPower has always been set to coincide with the AutoCAD yearly release. Like-wise this year, AutoCAD 2018 released a fortnight back and GeoTools-CADPower V18 is the first version to be compatible with AutoCAD 2018.

The new release remains compatible with all earlier versions of AutoCAD until 2007 as well as with BricsCAD versions 17 and below until 13.

Those of you who have purchased GeoTools-CADPower V17 *AFTER* Jan 1, 2017 will receive a FREE upgrade to V18.

Those of you who purchased before that date must buy an upgrade to the new version, which is priced at a nominal INR 6000

We do have rental plans for CADPower as well. Ask us for more details.

For multiple license & combo prices, please do contact us.

*** GeoTools V 18.0 Update:

Strengthening the Mining, Geology & Civil tools continues to dominate our priorities and focus in GeoTools development. This will remain one of our thrust areas in the V18 life-cycle as well.

Remember that the mining tools are evolving with each update of GeoTools. Rather than wait until the most complete version is ready, we will release usable chunks of the software with each minor update. With regular feedback and interaction from users, we fine-tune, bug-fix, enhance and improve the tools as we go along.

We start off V18 with a bunch of new tools that have been added to make mining data processing easier.

** New command added: GEOL_BOREHOLEPLANNER (GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Bore-hole sections planner):

The GEOL_BOREHOLEPLANNER command is the first process command to use when you start mineral exploration and design. Once your ase-map is available and mining lease area is defined, you can use this command to create bore-hole section lines across the mining lease area (closed boundary) at user defined intervals along and across the area.

Bore-holes are then drawn as dynamic blocks (named BORE_HOLE_BLOCK) along the section line at each vertex point.

It has a visibility state that defines its quality pictorially. The following states can be set:

- Default
- Problematic Quality
- Blue
- Positive
- Negative

In addition, the block has the following attributes:

X - Easting (X) coordinate of the bore-hole location
Y - Northing (Y) coordinate of the bore-hole location
Z - Elevation (Z) coordinate of the bore-hole location
NAME - Bore-hole ID or name
QUALITY - Quality of the bore-hole yield
DEPTH - Depth to which it has been drilled
DIP - The dip angle of the bore hole
STRIKE - The strike angle of the bore hole

This command will fill the lease area with bore-hole sections and create bore hole blocks along the sections. You can also optionally export the data to a CSV file which can be edited within the command itself.

The bore-hole sections, bore-holes and other data are represented in their own layers.

** Enhanced command GEOL_RUNNINGPATTERNS: (Menu: GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Create topo/geological running patterns):

The GEOL_RUNNINGPATTERNS command has been improved. A new option added to the dimensional stone annotations (useful materials).

Normally, you need two faces of the rock to create the slope annotations between. In the case of useful material annotations, there is now an option to specify whether the working front is vertical. If this option is chosen, the pattern is drawn with only one side and a specified width of pattern.

** New command added: GEOL_BOREHOLEBIGGER (GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Make bore-hole size bigger):

Increases the size of the bore-hole 10% each time. The bore-holes are read automatically from the designated layer.

** New command added: GEOL_BOREHOLESMALLER (GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Make bore-hole size smaller):

Decreases the size of the bore-hole 10% each time. The bore-holes are read automatically from the designated layer.

** New command added: GEOL_BOREHOLETEXTSMALLER (GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Make bore-hole text smaller):

Decreases the size of the bore-hole text 10% each time. The bore-holes are read automatically from the designated layer.

** New command added: GEOL_BOREHOLETEXTBIGGER (GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Make bore-hole text bigger):

Increases the size of the bore-hole text 10% each time. The bore-holes are read automatically from the designated layer.

** New command added: GEOL_BOREHOLEINSERT (GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Insert bore-hole along a section)

The GEOL_BOREHOLEINSERT command allows you to pick a bore-hole section polyline and inserts a new bore-hole point along the section or near it. This command internally calls the GT_INSVX command and you can first insert a point (or more points) along the section. After the new polyline points are created, the bore-hole block is automatically inserted at the location.

** New command added: GEOL_BOREHOLESECTIONRENAME (GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Rename a bore-hole section):

The GEOL_BOREHOLESECTIONRENAME command renames a section and all bore-holes along the section.

** Enhanced command GT_ASN_PROP: The GT_ASN_PROP command has been bug-fixed and improved considerably. The earlier version was designed to only work with 3d polylines and would compulsorily search for elevation objects around every vertex of the polyline. We realized this was not practical and extended the inherit functionality to 2d polylines also. Further, the search can be performed around every vertex (suitable for 3d polylines) or near the ends (first and last point) of 2d polylines.

If you have 2d contour polylines (all with 0.0 elevations) and nearby text objects representing the contour elevation, it is now a breeze to assign contour elevations to such polylines.

** ZIP downloads now available:

The English versons of CADPower and GeoTools will also be available as ZIP files, in additon to EXE downloads. Other language verions to follow.

The ZIP download is useful for MAC users who cannot install using Windows EXE installers. It is also a solution for Windows firewall (or anti-virus software) issues pevent EXE files from downloading / running and trigger misleading security alerts. The ZIP URLs are shown next to EXE downloads.

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