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April 7, 2017
Bengaluru, India

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Bengaluru, India

*** BricsCAD V 17.2 Mid-term Release

It has been a week of new releases for us. After CADPower & GeoTools V18 released last week, it is now time for us to announce another great release - the mid-year, mid-term life-cycle release of BricsCAD V17.2

Looking at the new release, it is quite evident that much of the thrust is now on building the differentiator features like BIM, Sheet Metal and Direct Modeling.

Time consuming tasks like object selection and intuitive editing are becoming the key to productive design.

As users upgrade their skills and move up the value chain, it becomes more and more a compelling priority that we use efficient tools that build intelligent models and not dumb drawings.

So, what does this mean for you? If you are a BricsCAD Classic user, make the move to Pro. If you use Pro, give Platinum a spin. And if you are the building industry and want to do BIM, try the BIM supplement.

This is perhaps your best chance today. With BIM shooting up the chart as one with the potential to challenge the established players, there is certainly more to look forward to. With Sheet Metal, BricsCAD has made a mark with the manufacturing industry as well.

I have not yet personally tried the new features of V 17.2. I will publish my findings on my blog as soon as I get my time-space to check it out.

In this newsletter, I compose and share the V 17.2 features, collected from various blogs and release notes.

** BricsACD V 17.2 : 5 things you need to know about the latest update

1. A drastic Display Performance Boost

The display performance of BricsCAD V17.2 is spectacular. We’ve improved REGEN speed for users who use raster images within their 3D models. Overall, entity selection is enhanced with 5x faster display highlight rendering. You can ZOOM faster, especially when you’re working in perspective views.

2. Customizable Quad tabs meet your individual needs

You can easily add commands to a Quad tab by drag-and-drop, or via a right-click context menu. Creating your own tabs and buttons is easy. Also, V17.2 gives you the option to create an optimized Quad for each Workspace that you use.

3. A smoother publishing process

The Print to PDF driver is improved with the ability to manage custom paper sizes. In V17.2 you can use the Publish dialog’s stored registry settings to control your PDF output, and have the ability to manage these settings separately from those of the ExportPDF command.

4. BIM Patches simplify detail view creation

BricsCAD’s BIM Patches let you add additional detail to specific sections of your model, and display that detail in generated 2D drawings. BIM Patches are fully associative. Changes to the model that cause the detail view to change will cause BricsCAD to graphically inform you of the change.

5. It’s free of charge to V17 license owners!

BricsCAD V17.2 is a free update to our current V17 customers. You can download the English version for Windows today. We’ll be releasing additional languages and platforms in the weeks to come. The download provides a free 30-day trial of all functionality.

** Some more external links about V 17,:

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** And here is an analysis of Autodesk vs Bricsys Support and Mid-Term release policies, by Steve Johnson from CAD Nauseum

** ZIP downloads now available:

The English versons of CADPower and GeoTools will also be available as ZIP files, in additon to EXE downloads. Other language verions to follow.

The ZIP download is useful for MAC users who cannot install using Windows EXE installers. It is also a solution for Windows firewall (or anti-virus software) issues pevent EXE files from downloading / running and trigger misleading security alerts. The ZIP URLs are shown next to EXE downloads.

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