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April 27, 2017
Bengaluru, India

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Ghent, Belgium & Bengaluru, India

As Bricsys hosts its first ever exclusive press-only meet in HQ @ Gent-Belgium, we bring you the coverage from some of the leading CAD press in attendance.

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The next post is About the Intergraph Port - CADWorx

Bricsys had contacted Intergraph ten years ago about porting some of its software to BricsCAD, but frankly BricsCAD could not do it at that time. Once it matured, Bricsys contacted Intergraph again (now owned by Hexagon).

This time Intergraph agreed, but did not want to port just some of their software: they wanted all their software running on BricsCAD at once:

4 modules for doing plant design, structural design, equipment, and P&ID
400 commands
3.5 million lines of code

Intergraph wanted a single codestream for BricsCAD and AutoCAD (on which it was running already), the same user interface and workflow, and the same degree of performance.

There were 60 developers working on the porting project, which began in May 2016. There were requests from Intergraph to addition and changes to BricsCAD -- useful for Bricsys filling in holes of the APIs. Examples include overrules, b-rep API, new AcGsGraphicsKernel and AcGsView for 2D and 3D graphics.

CADWorks for BricsCAD was announced 6 April, 2017.

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