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May 23, 2017
Bengaluru, India

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**** Headlines Today:

Bengaluru, India

*** BricsCAD Update:

*** CADPower & GeoTools V 18.03 Update:

** Major improvements in German translations:

Many of the long-pending German translations have been completed in this update. Many thanks to Werner Macho for his help.

** Defect fix: GT_LENTEXT (GeoTools -> Annotation -> Create/update length annotation): This command was broken and caused a crash. It has been fixed.

** Enhancement: CP_ATTEDIT (CADPower -> Blocks -> Attribute-related -> Global Attribute Editor):
GT_ATTEDIT (GeoTools -> Blocks -> Global Attribute Editor):

This command has been improved, made smarter. The 'Increment' and 'Decrement' options for the attribute editing function now recognizes the original format of the attribute and smartly guesses whether the value is an integer or real number. If there is a . character, it is taken as a real number and the number of characters following the . is taken as the precision. This significantly improves the output and is in line with what most users want.

** Defect fix and enhancement: GT_XFER_OD_XD (GeoTools -> AutoCAD Map Tools -> Data Convert/Transfer -> Transfer Object Data / Xdata between two objects)

The operative shortened version of this command GT_XO would run only within AutoCAD Map. This has been fixed. The command now runs inside plain AutoCAD and BricsCAD also.

** Defect fix and enhancement: CP_REM_XD (CADPower -> Extended Entity Data -> Remove Xdata): This command has been improved. It will now not exit the dialog box unless you pick atleast one XDATA application name to delete. The previous selection of application names will be remembered and shown as default selected when you start the command again. The reporting of status messages have been improved.

*** Improvements in GeoTools

** GEOL_MAKE3DSECTIONS: (GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Create 3d bore-hole sections): We introduced this command in V 18.01 and this has been improved considerably. You can now make extract the Z values accurately by interpolating the bore-hole drill point elevation by looking around for DTM data like contours or a 3DFACE DTM data.

** Coming soon: New command: GEOL_BOREHOLE-X-SECTION (GeoTools -> Mining & Geological Tools -> Draw section elevation): This command is available in alpha-version and is a pre-release announcement.

The GEOL_BOREHOLE-X-SECTION command creates cross-sectional profiles of mineral and strata reserves drawn across a series of bore-hole sample points (sections).

This command is part of a series of tools that we plan to build to enable sectional ore reserves area, and thereby volume computation across the mining lease area.

Some of these commands are designed to work with AutoCAD Civil 3D driven workflows also, but all of them are capable of being run in standalone BricsCAD or AutoCAD also.

Another command we have in development (called GEOL_VOLAREACALC) takes Civil 3D section view and section objects and helps to compute the cut area between the existing ground, finished ground (bench designed areas), and the area intercepted between two surfaces representing the mineral ore seams - top and bottom.

** Many improvements and updates made in the CHM and online HTM user manual.

*** ZIP downloads now available:

The English versons of CADPower and GeoTools will also be available as ZIP files, in additon to EXE downloads. Other language verions to follow.

The ZIP download is useful for MAC users who cannot install using Windows EXE installers. It is also a solution for Windows firewall (or anti-virus software) issues pevent EXE files from downloading / running and trigger misleading security alerts. The ZIP URLs are shown next to EXE downloads.

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